Product Description

The Leather sole oil of Burgol is made of natural oils and fats, based on the PH value of vegetable tanned leather soles. The leather sole oil of Burgol is a care product that helps you improve the impermeability of your leather soled shoes, improves the flexibility and holds the suppleness while the wear resistance of the leather sole & life are extended if used correctly.

To correctly use this Leather sole oil, please follow this steps: Before the first application of this shoe care product, please clean the leather soles & be sure the leather sole is dry so it can absorb the leather oil properly, this first application is the one that will require more oil, as the leather will absorb it very fast, while it condenses the leather fibers, let the shoes dry. One to two days after, repeat the process preferably using a small brush, apply the oil on the leather sole to saturation, until it do not absorb more, 1-2 coats. It is advisable to avoid the sole edge area in order to avoid any contamination of the upper leather, please note that stains on the upper leather might be irreversible. Go through the entire process again after about six months.

It is important to understand that even if the soles are correctly treated with the Burgol Leather oil, do not mean that they became a full winter shoe that can got wet everyday, by applying the oil, the impermeability & wear properties are improved but as the untreated leather soles, if they got wet need to be left to naturally dry before using them again.

  • Brand Burgol (germany)
  • Volume 125ml glass bottle