Product Description

Introducing our exclusive Taupe Suede belt, meticulously handcrafted with the same exact suede featured in our footwear collection—exclusively sourced from C F Stead.

Like all our belts, the strap showcases a width of 35mm and is meticulously lined with fully vegetable-tanned leather. Our commitment to quality means avoiding interlinings in favor of pure leather, ensuring not only superior comfort but also unmatched durability. The belt is adorned with an exclusive nickel-plated solid brass buckle, finished with a single guard for a touch of refinement.

Elevate your style with this distinctive Taupe Suede belt—where craftsmanship meets comfort and durability, a true testament to our dedication to unparalleled quality, featuring the exquisite suede from the renowned C F Stead.

  • Tannery C f stead (uk)
  • Lining Vegetable tanned leather
  • Buckle Nickel plated solid brass
  • Strap width 35mm